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More than just a designer and website developer.

For businesses – I create designs that not only embody your brands essence but that also aim to invoke emotions in your audience that generate a strong connection between them and your brand. With over a decade of experience and a trusted network of suppliers I am able to provide agency quality services with the flexibility of a freelancer and work closely with you to achieve your business goals, providing the attention that your business deserves.

For individuals – From design, printing or handcrafted items such as wedding invitations, stationery or other bespoke items to creating graphics for your beloved boat or guitar, I can help with your design needs.

About me - Natasha

I live and work in both Tasmania and Brisbane. I work full time at Oncord as a project manager and developer.

Personally I am a sailor at heart and enjoy being on or in the water. I have sailed NS14's competitively with my dad from a young age and if I am not behind a screen designing or gaming you'll most likely find me outside enjoying nature. I have always had a creative mind and harness my creative through drawing, painting and other forms of art. Most of my hobbies are of a creative nature, I cook and decorate cakes, I play the piano and sometimes you may even find me on a building site, house reno or in the shed painting, oiling or just being the helping hand for a friends project. I discovered graphic design when I was 16 and through my studies in the creative industries and multimedia I grew a strong passion for creating work that makes a difference and inspires people to take action. I love helping and supporting others achieve their goals, learn new skills and improve their quality of life.

Professionally I am an enthusiastic, energetic and hard working individual with over 14 years experience in the creative and marketing industries and I'm always eagerly looking for exciting new projects to work on. Ranging from logo design and graphic design through to website development, social media, EDMs, digital marketing or anything else you wish to throw at me, I can help you achieve your business mission and goals.

I apply my industry knowledge and diverse skill set into producing inspired and strategic creative solutions for all the projects I work on and I always put in extra effort to ensure that deadlines are met and that you are pleased with the finished product and the results it achieves. My creative solutions are carefully thought out and often extend beyond visual design and web development. I am a big believer in binding design and functionality together to create something incredible. My designs don’t just look good… they work.

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Behind the name ChuChi.

It took me a long time to decide on a name for the face of my freelance and subcontractor work and I could never land on one that I was happy with. I have always enjoyed playing games and spent countless hours gaming with school friends growing up. As an avid gamer I have met and collaborated with some amazing people from all over the world, people I would never have met if not for those many hours of gaming. For some of these people gaming together turned into working together on projects and helping them develop their professional skills and/or business ventures. It was only natural that this part of my personal and professional life become one, so my gamer name ChuChi became the name for the face of my work. 


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