About ChuChi Design

Tash - Owner and Designer

Hi I'm Tash, the owner and creator of ChuChi Designs!

I love helping others and bringing them joy (even just in small ways) and have always been a creative spirit both in my personal life and career.

I'm excited to start sharing with you! ❤

Lexa (Pumba) - Team Support

Hi I'm Lexa (though I'm also known as Pumba).

I'm mums shadow and support dog, I'm always close by, and it's my job to make sure she takes breaks during the day (she isn't very good at that) with sufficient pats, cuddles, and most importantly food!

My Story

I am a 33 year old, soon to be mum with my first baby girl due in August (although arguably, I'm already a mum as I have a beautiful 3 year old black Labrador who is my shadow, and an absolute princess!).

During my pregnancy and planning for the arrival of our little jelly bean I was wanting prints to hang on her nursery wall, and after a lot of searching and frustration (because honestly, I'm very particular and fussy) I was inspired to harness my creative nature to design my own prints instead.

Mockup of the animal and letter digital art prints for bubs nursery

I loved them so much I was inspired to create more and see where and how my ideas formed. White tigers have always been my favourite animal, so to start off with I made one of those for myself, followed by a puzzle (because I'm an absolute freak at them and have a massive collection of Disney ones)!

Then I started making them for my family and friends. A koala for my partners beautiful mum, who is the kindest of souls and going to be the best grandma ever! And a blue horse for one of my best friends who constantly inspires me every day to stay strong and make the most out of the good moments in life (no matter how little they may be at the time).

Growing up I had always been creative, doing everything from arts and crafts to dance and music (from what my family have told me, I was dancing before I could even walk properly) though with how clumsy I am, maybe they mistook my clumsiness and wobbly walking for dancing. xD

I have always had a creative mind and harness my creativity through drawing, painting and other forms of art. Most of my hobbies are of a creative nature, I cook and decorate cakes, play the piano and sometimes you may even find me on a building site, house reno or in the shed being the helping hand for a friends project. I discovered graphic design when I was 16 and through my studies in the creative industries and multimedia I grew a strong passion for creating work that makes a difference and inspires people to take action. I love helping and supporting others achieve their goals, learn new skills and improve their quality of life.

On top of my own crafts, I spent a lot of my childhood in the shed with my pops helping them make all kinds of things, as one was a carpenter making beautiful timber furniture and other items, and the other made his own Christmas decorations, their house won every year!! My beautiful nan is also the most talented cake decorator I know, so I've always been around creativity. So blessed!! When I wasn't getting creative I was getting sporty, swimming, netball, dance and my favourite, sailing competitively with my dad!

During school I got to experience all the massive changes that have happened with technology, and lucky enough during high school and college (year 11 and 12 in Tassie) digital art and websites were all becoming a huge part of our world and future. I studied in the creative industries (with a focus on digital) though I did do traditional hands on art as well. During these studies I was lucky enough to meet and have a work experience placement with a wonderful graphic and web designer who was running her own business. The placement turned into my first job where I started growing as a graphic designer and further teaching myself how to code websites.

Over the years I've had many different jobs and experiences in the creative industry (amongst other odd jobs), each of which have grown my knowledge and skills in different ways. Until eventually all my efforts and hard work paid off and I was blessed to be asked to join the team at Oncord, a website and digital marketing platform based here in Brisbane, Australia.

I work full time from home for Oncord helping people all over the world build, improve and grow their businesses online. I absolutely love my job and the team I work with. Using my experiences and creative spirit to help people is extremely rewarding.

Christmas with the Oncord team, my full time job.

I had always wanted to start my own small business, but was extremely stubborn about it, and honestly a bit scared, because lets be real, it's a big commitment and a lot of time and effort, especially to make something meaningful and that lasts longer than a cool little hobby or craft project. Whatever I did, had to be something creative and compliment my personal and work life. Something that really pulled me in deep and gave me that magical burst of inspiration and motivation I needed, to stick with it and make it happen.

With the love and support of my amazing partner and the ideas that hit me during pregnancy while hunting for things for our jelly bean I finally found this magical ingredient I had been missing. And now I'm so overwhelmed with excitement to start this new adventure and to share this magic with you! ❤

As it's still extremely new for me, I know there is lots of learning and growing to happen and I'm sure there will be some hiccups along the way. However I can't help myself but to be as helpful to others as possible (its just part of my nature), so I'll always make myself available for questions and help whenever it's needed.

I have lots of exciting plans and products in development, so I'll be constantly releasing new things. To name a few these include; new animal and letter prints, baby shower, birthday and party invites (including digital RSVP), SVG clipart for Cricut and cutting machines, physical products and both made to order and easy DIY website design themes. On top of the products themselves I will also be starting help articles, video, how to's and craft ideas on my website to help and inspire anyone who is interested.

So if you like what you see or have read so far and want to keep an eye on my shop, follow me and I'd be delighted to share with you! ❤


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