Camperact Logo Design - Brand Refresh

Camperact logo design

Camperact's current logo at the time was busy and difficult to read as the visual elements dominated over the text. It was in need of an update and brand refresh to clean it up, modernise it and bring a bold new look to the brand.

Camperact old logo


To create a simple bold modern design that's easy to read on signage while maintaining the key messages and elements of the old logo. In addition, create a version of the new logo with the brands new tagline "get your Camperact together".


The new logo is simple yet classy. The choice of typography is bold and impacting while remaining easy to read.The emphasis on the “A” represents two of the brands key messages – Australian and camping in the form of a tent shape, one of the core elements people identify with camping while still relating to camper trailer products as some have fold out tent features.

Camperact logo with tagline

As part of the rebrand project a new website design concept, graphical elements and layout were developed. View the website design here.

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